Unlike a Virgin x PROGENY.

PROGENY PHThere is nothing sweeter than seeing real music played right in front of your innocent eyes and virgin ears. The resonating sound of purity and passion reveals the real image of what music is actually made of.

Don’t get me wrong, but I will always enjoy the club scene. DJ’s pouncing on the newest tracks and playing their own version of resurrected mix-mastered perfection. The loud music, crazy lights, vibrant crowd, and a seemingly unending line of tequila shots will always get me pumped.

But there’s something uniquely different when you attend a rock show. There’s this aura of untamed beauty, blood, sweat, and ultimate dedication to its craft that fills the whole crowd. The hassle of speaking loud while clasping your hands together, just to make small talk, gets eliminated as a unanimous roar to interact like humans do takes into revolution. The chill vibe and meaningful conversations paired with the BEST people recreate how discussions about life are supposed to be.

I am thankful and proud to have been part of a wonderful experience last night and to have met such awesome people. These guys showed me once again what the industry is missing. Things that can’t be edited, spliced, and auto-tuned. They bring the raw talent that should be heard, felt, and embraced. I guarantee that the moment you see them drop the first drum beat and strum their guitars while a sweet echoing voice filled with heart and identity fills the room, you get hooked to what dreams are made of, to a drug more potent than anything man has to offer. You get hooked to natural, unaltered, and uncensored talent.

Proud to have had the chance to hitch a ride PROGENY! Thank you, you deserve it.

Showing some love. Well-deserved. One goal. One Passion. Change the game. Own it.


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A safe flight for you all.

It’s that very important moment, when everything comes to a rapid standstill. Your brain instantly triggers your body to breathe in the good, manifest entirely what is around, keep it in, experience it fully, validate, and recreate.

Its morning. The sweet rays of the sun welcome me back to this Wild Sanctuary. Looking around, I realize that today is one of “those” days where liberty screams within the walls of The Unit.

My typical morning starts with a fired up Playbook ready to check emails and stream another episode of The Big Bang Theory or Raising Hope, earphones plugged in, volume maxed out, and the rest of the world shut down. Today was basically the same, except for the first part.

As I am as free as a lion in the jungle, I decided to fire up the oven, break up some instant cookie happiness, mix, grind, load, and bake. The choice of the finest ingredients and timing come important in the creation of the finest cookies that guarantee a euphoric experience. Pair it up with The Weeknd’s playlist and a beautiful view of the green trees around you. Inhale. Enjoy the aroma. Let your worries (and the chocolate chips) fade away.

There’s that very important moment, when everything comes to a rapid standstill. Wait for it. Let it sit in. Embrace it. Because at that time, everything will be clearer, brighter, and just a tad bit mellow.

Everything is not what it seems. A smart man understands the words, but an experienced man relates to it.

Smokescreens and silhouettes. Conception to Reality. Déjà vu. Repeat.

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Start. Play. Pause. Fast-forward.

Waking up in the middle of the day with a new video to watch, the smell of spam, a quiet phone, and a room in need of some tidying up, a thought lingers in the edges of my mind.

When I was young, I always imagined life to be a lot different from what it is now. I envisioned helicopters, suits and ties, a big office with a pretty view of the bustling city. I saw myself living in a big glass house, young and satisfied with life, living every day like I was just playing Monopoly. Rolling the dice and hoping I land the best spot on the board.

I always believed that I had everything planned out and that whatever comes my way, I can get through it. What I didn’t realize until now, is that there is no ultimate bliss of certainty. Every once in a while, you doubt your plans, visions, creations, and at some point, yourself. Today is one of those days.

As I roam restless in my humble abode, I’m haunted by the indefinite choices of tomorrow, the fear of making that one wrong move that obliterates my persona, the one dive in reality that unhinges my sanity, afraid of taking another step forward yet refusing to be pushed back.

I reached the point where I hold back the confidence to go to work, thinking I haven’t been doing a great job. Crunching up numbers, reviewing bank accounts, checking my calendar, and forcing myself to not close my eyes, because every time I do, I dig deep into a rabbit hole of thoughts, incapabilities, uncertainty, right and wrong choices, love, sex, memories, life, and the future.

Awaiting clarity. Yearning for sunshine. Fast-Forward please.

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