A safe flight for you all.

It’s that very important moment, when everything comes to a rapid standstill. Your brain instantly triggers your body to breathe in the good, manifest entirely what is around, keep it in, experience it fully, validate, and recreate.

Its morning. The sweet rays of the sun welcome me back to this Wild Sanctuary. Looking around, I realize that today is one of “those” days where liberty screams within the walls of The Unit.

My typical morning starts with a fired up Playbook ready to check emails and stream another episode of The Big Bang Theory or Raising Hope, earphones plugged in, volume maxed out, and the rest of the world shut down. Today was basically the same, except for the first part.

As I am as free as a lion in the jungle, I decided to fire up the oven, break up some instant cookie happiness, mix, grind, load, and bake. The choice of the finest ingredients and timing come important in the creation of the finest cookies that guarantee a euphoric experience. Pair it up with The Weeknd’s playlist and a beautiful view of the green trees around you. Inhale. Enjoy the aroma. Let your worries (and the chocolate chips) fade away.

There’s that very important moment, when everything comes to a rapid standstill. Wait for it. Let it sit in. Embrace it. Because at that time, everything will be clearer, brighter, and just a tad bit mellow.

Everything is not what it seems. A smart man understands the words, but an experienced man relates to it.

Smokescreens and silhouettes. Conception to Reality. Déjà vu. Repeat.

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